3 custom home building Myths that Sunshine Coast home builders want you to know

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Still on the fence about whether to buy a home or build one from scratch? Whichever one you choose, make sure your decision is motivated by facts and not by fiction. There are many myths that people believe about customised homes that are completely unfounded. Here are a few of them that our Sunshine Coast home builders want you to know aren’t true.

Myth#1 – You can’t control the cost of a custom home

Many people choose a prebuilt home over a custom one as there’s the belief that you won’t get an accurate budget forecast with the latter. A custom home could be more affordable and its pricing more predictable than one already standing. Most builders offer you a choice of several variables with set pricing, so you can estimate your total with ease. In addition, every element of your custom home will be brand new and likely to last a long time. You might find an existing home for less, but who’s to say what will need replacing or repairing in a few years’ time?

Myth#2 – A custom home will take forever to build

In the past, a custom home would have taken a long time to build as materials and tools would have had to be imported, cut and assembled from scratch. Modern home building has become smarter and more modular, with extensive planning shaving down building time significantly for a predictable outcome. A home builder will lose customers if they don’t complete a home on time, so the chances of you experiencing a delay are slim.

Myth#3 – A custom home will look like everyone else’s

Custom home building starts in the imagination, which is why you’ll spend a significant amount of time planning it and selecting finishes before a single brick is placed. Your home builder will show you other homes as a guideline, but your final home will be completely different. If you build your home to meet the unique needs of your family, it will never resemble anyone else’s.

Building a house from scratch isn’t as time consuming, expensive or boring as you think. If you choose the right Sunshine Coast builders to plan and execute it, you might find that you enjoy the process of watching it to come life.

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