4 Popular Myths That Affect House Design On The Sunshine Coast

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Shelter is a basic human need, but over the centuries humans have found ways to make basic houses look better through creativity and design. While many designers rely on longstanding design principles when putting together a home, it’s okay to stray from the norm and include a personal touch where you can. The Roonsleigh team are no stranger to the home design myths, and we believe that it spoils the fun if you’re exploring innovative options for house design on the Sunshine Coast. Here are some worth ignoring in favour of going your way.

Myth #1: Current Trends Are The Only Way To Go

Home design trends come and go. A minimalist look with sharp edges and neutral colours may be in today but might fall out of favour in a month. There’s nothing wrong with marching to the beat of your drum and shirking fashion trends, as long as you’re sure that it’s what you want.

Myth #2: Economic vs Upscale – It’s All Or Nothing

Choosing materials for different parts of your home requires serious consideration and planning. Going for a luxurious look doesn’t mean every purchase has to be high end. A proper balance of affordable and upscale elements can achieve your ideal look, while still saving on costs.

Myth #3: Windows Only Go With Walls

Traditionally, you only include windows along the sides of the home. This is how it’s been done for centuries, after all. However, there are other ways to let fresh air and light in. You could also have roof windows or skylights installed. This changes how a home looks from inside and incorporates outdoor light and greenery in a different way than traditional windows do.

Myth #4: A White Is A Must

There’s no sacred design book with a rule stating that your home interior has to be white. While white is a standard colour, other shades can change the feeling of a room. Light colours create depth (which makes a room feel larger), while darker colours make it feel more intimate.

You’re the one who’ll have to live in the home with features of your choosing. Don’t be afraid to rope in some expert help to ensure the best possible results – but make sure they respect your personal views too.  For creative house design along the Sunshine Coast that balances both, contact Roonsleigh for your custom home design today.

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