4 Reasons Why Buyers Would Rather Build New Homes On The Sunshine Coast

Thursday, January 10, 2019 « Back to News

If you’re going to build a house from scratch, it just makes sense that you’ll do what you can to make sure it’s customised to your exact preferences. More people are opting to build new homes on the Sunshine Coast from scratch instead of buying existing structures. As it turns out, this approach to new home ownership offers many unique advantages you might not have thought of. In this blog, we look at why prospective homeowners may prefer a new home build.

  1. Sinatra Said, “I Did It My Way” – You Should Too

Home is where most people spend the bulk of their time. It only makes sense to have a tailor-made space, especially suited for each family’s needs. Not only is this aspect of putting together a new build functional – but it’s also copiously fun! The number of unique features you can add to a home is exciting when you partner with someone who can execute it.

  1. Energy Efficiency In The “Green” Era

Most older houses were designed and built in a time when energy efficiency was not on the radar. You can save a lot on energy costs with a custom new build, by substituting traditional ventilation fittings and power sources with more modern and efficient alternatives.

  1. The Luxury Of Choosing A Floor Plan That Works For You

Companies that build new homes on the Sunshine Coast always have pre-designed floor plans that you can choose from. This means you have a basic yet realistic template to work with, without enough leeway to change it to your liking. The scale-drawn floor plan will give you an idea of room sizes and the direction in which certain rooms will face. You will be able to make changes to any other important details if you deem it necessary before construction begins.

  1. Fewer Maintenance & Repair Costs

If everything in the home is brand new, you’re guaranteed a break from hefty maintenance and repair expenses for a while. You can focus your financial efforts on turning your newly built house into a home by adding furniture, decor and other furnishings that reflect your character.

At Roonsleigh, we understand the importance of feeling “at home” in your own home. We build custom new homes on the Sunshine Coast and are dedicated to keeping our customers happy. Contact us to get started on your dream home today!

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