Frequently Asked Questions

The Construction Process can be a little daunting at times. Here are some frequently asked questions.

  • Whats involved in the construction process?

    Step One: Initial Consultation  

    Before you sign a contract with us, we discuss the many home design options open to you, the features available, and an estimated closing date that is based on the best available information we have regarding our work load, the typical weather for that time of year, and your particular needs.

    Step Two: Contract Signing

    We put everything in writing so you can rest assured that we will deliver what we promise. We’ll help you match your needs to a final design and custom options so you will be getting the best home for your lifestyle. Then we go to work!

    Step Three: Groundbreaking, Foundation Pouring, Framing

    During this exciting and fast-moving phase of construction, an empty lot will be transformed into the structure that will be your new home.

    Step Four: Preliminary Walk Through

    Once the framing is completed and before the plasterboard is applied to the walls, we take you on a tour through your home to confirm final locations for electrical outlets, telephone and TV connections, lighting fixtures, plumbing, and so on.

    Step Five:  Plumbing, Electrical, Heating/Cooling Systems, Insulation, and Plasterboard

    Your new home begins to take its final form.

    Step Six: Outdoor and Indoor Finishes; Trim, Painting, and Landscaping

    We administer the finishing strokes.

    Step Seven: Handover

    The final step in our building process is an orientation to your new home. We walk you through the entire house to explain how the mechanical systems work, the features of your new appliances, and the products we’ve used in the construction. We believe that a key element to customer satisfaction, both at the closing and for many years to come, is understanding how a new home works and how to care for and maintain its many features. The orientation also gives you a chance to see the completed, clean house, and it ensures that we have delivered our high standards of quality throughout, on budget and on schedule.

  • I require some work to be undertaken. Where do i start?

    Please contact our office either by email or by phone to arrange a site visit. James will attend a site visit with you to go over the proposed works and discuss your options.

  • Are we able to meet during construction?

    Absolutely. A scheduled meeting will be arranged at the beginning of the project and if required site visits are more than welcome.

  • When are payments due?

    In a contract between the client and Roonsleigh, we stipulate at what stage payments are due. These are normally.

    • Deposit
    • Base
    • Frame
    • Lock-up
    • Fixing
    • Practical Completion
  • Can we make changes during the constructions process?

    Yes. If you want to make a change to the design or fixture/fitting after the contract has been signed, a variation can be arranged to suit the desired change.

  • What is a Variation document?

    A variation is a document that outlines any changes to the original build contract. It is to be signed by the client and Roonsleigh before the varied work is undertaken.

  • Do you build on a block with a slope?

    Yes we can. There are some additional costs involved that may not be applicable on a level site, such as:

    • Excavation – cut and fill, import or export of fill
    • Retaining internal external and landscaping
    • Hydraulics, drainage etc.
    • And the simple construction logistics, of storage, cranes and access.

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