Four Lifestyle Philosophies To Discuss With Your House Builders

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One of the main aims of building your own home is so that it accommodates your lifestyle perfectly. You want a home to fit into your lifestyle seamlessly and not result in you having to squeeze your needs into something that’s not quite right for your needs. Build your own home, and you have one that’s warm and inviting, and more importantly – supports your living philosophy.

In new home builds, homeowners tend to look for prime locations and then pay attention to floorplan layouts. When focusing on the latter, it’s important to discuss guiding principles in house design with your builder that include how your entertainment, functional and storage areas will be placed, as well as the placement of your dedicated informal or personal spaces to de-stress and flexible spaces that can serve a variety of needs.

Guiding Principles To Create A Winning Home Design

Include Spaces For Entertainment Purposes

Whether it’s in the basement, backyard or the kitchen or a special media room, a well-designed home should accommodate areas for entertaining. These areas may be formal or informal and should be created to encourage relaxation and conversation.

Allocate Areas To De-Stress

A home is your private sanctuary where you seek refuge from the stresses of the outside world, and it’s important that you have areas that promote an atmosphere of tranquillity and serenity. This requirement means ensuring the space is purely for leisure and making certain functional elements like storage are either somewhere else or out of sight. It also means taking into account if the area will receive traffic or be exposed to noisy parts of the house.

Allow For Ample Storage Areas

There are several ways to create storage space, including building walk-in pantries, laundry rooms and basements. How much storage space you need is dependent on your current and future needs. If you plan it correctly, it can make every room seem larger.

Enjoy The Convenience Of Flexible Spaces

Lifestyle needs change over time, and flexible spaces that can be used to fill a variety of purposes when the need arises can be of enormous benefit to homeowners. A balcony can serve as an outdoor living or dining area; a study room can be turned into a home gym or guest room.

Make your home more than just a ‘living space’ with a masterfully built home by Roonsleigh. We know that not all homeowners have the same needs which are why we use our expert knowledge to custom design residences that fit into our customers’ lifestyle. We go the extra mile, which is why we enjoy a sterling reputation as first-rate house builders on the Sunshine Coast. Call us today to discuss our services.

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