Four Signs You Hired The Wrong Custom Builder For Your Sunshine Coast Home

Tuesday, March 26, 2019 « Back to News

Are you looking into building a custom designed home? Building one from scratch is more affordable than buying one, and it means that you’re also getting to create the house you’ve always dreamed about. However, if you hire the wrong builder, the chances are high that it’ll cost you more money than anticipated, waste your time, and not provide you with the final result you envisioned. Here are four initial warning signs that you’ve picked the wrong builder for your Sunshine Coast custom build.

  1. They’re Not on Budget

Not keeping to the provided budget is a massive red flag. Your finances can only stretch so far, and if you’ve created a detailed budget for the custom build, it means that you’re limited to this amount. It’s vital that the building process stays under control. In the early building process, if your contractor goes over your budget, you’ll run out of money soon. Some expenses may be unforeseen; however, your builder should try to stick to the provided budget as closely as possible.

  1. They’re Making Constant Mistakes

Mistakes happen, and there’s always room for human error. However, if a large portion of your money (and their time) is going into repairing mistakes, and tearing structures down to rebuild them – then this means that your builder doesn’t have the skills required to complete the job. Whether it’s handling materials carelessly, lack of attention to detail or skipping steps, your money shouldn’t be spent on fixing repeated mistakes.

  1. They’re Taking Shortcuts

Sometimes, builders will try to cut corners by buying cheap materials and putting up sloppy structures. If this is the case, they’re not only cutting corners but also pocketing money which should have been used to buy better quality supplies or skilled workers. Low quality work will not only look terrible, but it also won’t last and could even be dangerous. Sooner than you’ll expect, you’ll need to hire a second builder to perform maintenance and repairs.

  1. They’re Constantly Behind Schedule

It is unrealistic to expect an entire, custom designed house in one month. A good builder will provide a timeframe that will be needed to complete the job. A good builder will also be able to stick to this schedule. However, if the building is continuously behind schedule, you might have hired the wrong builder. Being behind schedule costs extra money, which you might not have accounted for, and don’t want to spend.

When you hire a builder to build your custom home on the Sunshine Coast, you want everything to go smoothly. This is your dream home, after all. However, the wrong builder will make the whole process a stressful, expensive nightmare. Make sure to ask for references and examples of past work when looking at hiring one. Alternatively, if you want professional, skilled and trustworthy custom builders, call Roonsleigh today.

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