A place to truly call home

A place to truly call home

A place to truly call home

Investment Property Sunshine Coast

Property investment is a great way to build wealth.

When working with Roonsleigh, we provide you with all options to build a property catering your investment needs. Of course, there are various financial and tax implications as well as other relevant factors to consider when choosing the right option.

They include:

  • Retaining your finished home and placing it on the rental market.
  • Property appraisal by a qualified real estate agent.
  • Property management.

If you’re pursuing different opportunities, we will work together with you to achieve your desired outcome. Whichever investment option you choose, you can be assured that our homes are built with quality in mind to maximise your return on investment.

The Sunshine Coast is a great place to live, we live here too, but recent projections indicate extremely strong growth rates in the area for future return on investment. From one family to yours, the opportunity to invest in property on the Sunshine Coast has never been better.

Maximise Returns On Your Sunshine Coast Investment Property By Hiring Master House Builders

Property has long been a preferred tool for investment. It’s suited for long term gains, is relatively stable, and some people prefer having their money in concrete form as opposed to it sitting in a bank. While some people will buy an existing home and renovate it, having a house built from scratch is often a better option. When this happens, you can’t just choose any builder. You need to work with one that is an expert at building for investment purposes.

The Sunshine Coast is ideally positioned to offer capital growth in investment property, and the appeal of the region can be attributed to its positive economic prospects, continuous infrastructure development, and superior liveability and affordability. Roonsleigh is a master builder of quality residential investment properties in the area, and we have an extensive portfolio that includes custom design, new homes,multi-unit development and knock-down/rebuilds. So what makes our building service a better option for investors?

We Cater To Your Needs And Goals

Are you looking to build a luxury home that’s low maintenance to limit future upkeep costs or an ‘all-in-one’ apartment that will attract good quality tenants? Our master builders have the experience and expertise to deliver purposefully-built homes according to your investment goals.

We Offer Quality Service Delivery That Includes You

We believe the key to our success in building homes investors love is in emphasising personal interaction with our clients. As a locally-owned construction company, we go the extra mile to offer a high degree of customer service excellence. This means you aren’t just giving us money and bowing out of the process. It means you get to see your investment come together, piece by piece. As the owner of an investment property, you deserve this.

A Thorough Consultation-To-Completion Service

Ours is a comprehensive service from start-to-finish. During your consult, we factor in your needs, goals and requirements to suggest possibilities and solutions that will meet your desired outcomes. We use your predetermined criteria to designed tailored houses within budget. You’ll also be provided with regular updates as to the progress of the building process (progress documents and on-site meetings). The purpose of this is to track your investment in terms of the time, effort and spend you’re putting in, so you know what you’re getting out.

Need advice on how to build a quality investment property? Then you should contact Roonsleigh. We’ll make sure the property you invest in today will be paying you in dividends decades into the future.

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