What to look for when visiting a Sunshine Coast display home

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Visiting a Sunshine Coast display home soon? It’s the best way to see for yourself what a custom home builder has to offer. You need to do more than show up and admire it though. A display home can tell you all you need to know about the building company responsible for it. Here are a few things to look out for on your next display home visit.


Many display homes are built to wow, and this is accomplished by the addition of every optional upgrade available. This means you’re being impressed by a home that you might not be able to afford. Look for a custom home builder that offers standard inclusions with every build or that has different display homes for different price levels. This way you know that what you see is what you’ll get.


It’s tempting to stop looking at a display home once you’ve seen the interior. Make sure you walk around the perimeter, so you can see what it looks like from the outside. Ask your custom home builder if there are any additions that your home will come with that might not be present on display. This can include garden, shed or rainwater collection accessories.


It’s all well and good to get a home filled with certain fixtures, paint colours, tiles etc, but should they break down and need replacing, will you be able to do so easily? Many display homes offer eye-catching or unusual features that are imported or very expensive to replace. You don’t want to be stuck with something that’s too challenging or expensive to realistically maintain.


You won’t know if a home will suit every member of your family unless they see it too. Other families often experience a home very differently than you do and can give you an important perspective on what works or doesn’t work. It could also open your eyes to possible changes you’d need to make should you go forward with the builder in question.

And finally,


When it comes to a display home, no question is off limits. You won’t get another opportunity to discuss an element of the home while looking at it, so whatever you require clarification on, ask away.

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