Custom Living

It’s your home.
So, your ideas are integral to where you’ll live.

The Roonsleigh team will ensure that the final product will be just as you imagined. We understand your needs, and harnessing your vision is our top priority from the design to the build.

It’s about incorporating your ideas and inputting the dream, into your dream home.

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New Home

Building is a hands-on experience.
From design to execution.

And with Roonsleigh as your builder in Sunshine Coast, the process of creating your new home is made all that more simple.

Our team will work with you throughout the design process to ensure that your new home will suit your needs and be built within your specified budget. Enjoy a smooth experience as a new home owner and ensure that the quality of the finished product will be in accordance with the excellence that we pride ourselves on.

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Multi Dwelling


A multi-unit development involves the subdivision of your block into smaller lots to create multiple dwellings on the one site. But with multiple dwellings come multiple considerations.

Thankfully, we’ll be there with you throughout the entire project.

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Knock Down & Rebuild

A dream location deserves the right home.
Your home.

The way you imagined it.

And a modern build suits your modern lifestyle.
Right here.

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Property Investment

Investing in property has always been a great way to build and consolidate wealth.
When working with Roonsleigh, we provide you with all the options to construct a property catering your investment needs.

From one family to yours, the opportunity to invest in property on the Sunshine Coast has never been better.

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